Ipswich MPs welcome strong action on Swanbank odour

Ipswich State MPs have welcomed the Department of Environment and Science’s restraint order application seeking to halt odour-producing aspects of NuGrow Ipswich Pty Ltd’s activities.

The application in the Planning and Environment Court seeks to limit certain aspects of NuGrow’s operation, including receiving highly odorous waste that has a high potential to generate odour and impact the community.

“This is unprecedented action to help protect our community.” Member for Bundamba Lance McCallum said.

“My colleagues and I have been advocating for stronger action, and now it’s happening.

“We’ve introduced tougher laws with stronger penalties for odour cheats, and we are pressing ahead with more reforms.

“We will continue to make strong representations to the Minister and her department to use every regulatory tool available to protect our community and bring companies who are doing the wrong thing to account.”

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said it was clear that the Environment Department was listening to the community and taking effective and practical action to clamp down on odours.

“The odours our community are experiencing are unacceptable,” Ms Howard said.

“In recent weeks we have seen environmental officers gathering evidence of first-hand accounts of community experience with odours that will support regulatory activities.

“I know many Ipswich locals have appreciated being able to share their story.

“Odours take a terrible toll on many in our community and those responsible need to do the right thing and take any actions necessary to eliminate odours they are creating.”

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen was pleased to see better engagement and communication with the community.

“Thank you to all the locals who have attended community drop in events and read DES newsletter updates,” Ms Mullen said.

“I urge the Department to continue its focus on the odour issue impacting our community and to increase regulatory scrutiny and compliance action against any company found to be doing the wrong thing.

“I welcome today’s action from the Environment Department. It takes all levels of government to take real, effective action on behalf of the community.”