Scott Morrison turns his back on Ipswich in our time of need

30 March 2022

“There is no good news in the federal budget for our local community, or for Queensland,” Member for Bundamba Lance McCallum said.

“Rather than providing equal funding for our $771 million disaster recovery package and restoring equal treatment for Queensland and New South Wales flood victims, Scott Morrison and the federal LNP government completely turned their backs on our local community in our time of need.

“They have also failed to provide equal funding for our hospitals and healthcare. In fact, they have cut more than $20 million in Queensland hospital funding in the middle of a health pandemic.

“As if that’s not enough, Scott Morrison is cutting another $176 million from Queensland hospitals in 2023-24 and 2024-25, compared to funding that he promised just four months ago.

“All of this, while increasing our national debt to more than $1 trillion.

“We know from bitter experience here in Queensland that it’s in the LNP DNA to cut essential community services.

“We’ve seen vicious cuts to important funding like healthcare and we’ve seen a heartless indifference to providing equal flood recovery funding for our local community and other communities that have been devastated across Queensland.

“We’ve seen Scott Morrison completely walk away from Ipswich, and he’s refusing to provide equal support to our flood recovery.

“We pay our share of taxes, and we deserve our fair share from the federal budget.”