TMR team finds Redbank couple’s wheel of fortune

27 May 2022

A fortunate find by a team from the Department of Transport and Main Roads has reunited two Redbank motoring enthusiasts with a wayward wheel from their beloved 1949 Morris MS6.

Mike and Margaret Davey were travelling on the Cunningham Highway off ramp at Raceview when the wheel became dislodged and bounced down the road into bushland.

Fearing the wheel would be lost or damaged beyond repair, the couple tried their luck and contacted Member for Bundamba Lance McCallum for assistance.

“We didn’t expect to ever see it again, but we thought we’d at least ask the question and see if there was any way Transport and Main Roads could help,” Mrs Davey said.

“We couldn’t believe it when we got the phone call. We were on holidays in Victoria – what a surprise to come home to.”

Mr McCallum said the unexpected outcome was testament to the hard work and dedication of the TMR workers who undertook a number of site inspections before finding the wheel.

“This is an amazing result for Mike and Margaret, who bought the car back in 2003 and got it back on the road in 2013,” Mr McCallum said.

“I’d like to thank our wonderful TMR workers for their care and diligence in responding to what was a rather unusual request – it’s not something that happens every day – and you can’t put a price on what this means to Mike and Margaret.”

Mr Davey agreed.

“The Morris was 10 long years of restoration and finding bits and pieces between working and doing other things,” he said.

“I’m now in the process of getting it back together. I’ve had to get hold of two new u-bolts from a car club member in Victoria and get new shock absorbers.

“All being well, we’ll be on the road again in one piece next week.”