Remondis waste to energy proposal

Waste company Remondis is proposing to build a waste to energy facility at its current site in Swanbank. Here are a few commonly asked questions about it.

Has the proposal been approved?

No. It has been declared a ‘coordinated project’ and is now being reviewed by the independent Coordinator-General. It does not, in any way, mean the proposal has been approved, nor does it mean it has State Government support.

What does the review mean?

It means the proposal is now subject to the most rigorous assessment process available under Queensland law, and must go through a full public consultation process and assessment of the project’s environmental, economic and social impacts. This includes seeking community views and comment as well as a full environmental impact statement.

What is your view as Member for Bundamba?

I will always listen carefully to community feedback.

I believe a job-creating, state-of-the-art recycling facility would be a better option both for our community and our economy, or the project should be moved to a more suitable location away from a fast growing, highly populated urban area. I have sent a submission to the Coordinator-General to express these views.

I would like to see our community, and Queensland more broadly, become a zero-waste society where waste is avoided, reused and recycled to the greatest possible extent. Waste projects, including Energy to Waste, cannot encourage greater use of waste, discourage reuse and recycling or have any negative impacts on the environment.

That’s why I supported a waste levy in Queensland, unlike One Nation and the LNP who voted against the waste levy in Parliament, which would re-open the floodgates for interstate dumpers. The volume of waste coming into Queensland from New South Wales is down 60 per cent because of the Palaszczuk Government’s waste levy.

What is Ipswich City Council’s role?

Whatever the outcome of the current review, the proposal cannot proceed without approval from Ipswich City Council, which approved waste activities under its local Planning Scheme at the proposed site in Swanbank more than 20 years ago.

Ipswich City Council is currently updating its Planning Scheme and will need to undertake full public consultation. I’d encourage you to contact the council to let them know your views on how development and planning in our community can be sustainable.  

Where can I get more information about this proposal?

Full details are available from the independent Coordinator General here, and you can contact them directly via email.

It’s important not to miss the release of the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement. When it is released it will be time for our community to make formal submissions about the proposal.

You can also visit the website and sign up for updates from directly from the project proponent.